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COVID-19 Response

A note from our Founder, Morgan 

I am sending my thoughts and condolences to everyone struggling with the impact of COVID-19. These are truly unprecedented times and we are grateful for the frontline workers who are enabling society to make it through this pandemic. 

How we are re-opening & extra precautions we are taking

In light of the October 9th announcement from the Ontario Government that restaurants are deemed an essential service and permitted to continue operating with delivery and take-out, the re-opening of our kitchen and access to supplies I have made the exciting decision to re-open GIRL GANG GOODIES for business. I am committed to keeping our community and team safe; below are the measures I will be taking to ensure a safe delivery for re-open:

  • Single person baker & delivery:¬†GIRL GANG GOODIES is a team of 1 (myself) doing all the baking and delivering, reducing the number of interactions. To limit interaction and touching, we will not be doing in person hand-offs, ringing doorbells or knocking on doors. We appreciate your enthusiasm but please do not meet us at the door for delivery :)¬†
  • Contactless delivery: All deliveries will be left at doorsteps of homes/apartment doors or left with concierge and not exchanged by hand.
  • Text notifications: You will receive a text before your delivery with an ETA of your GOODIE arrival, and a text after¬†your GOODIES are at your doorstep.¬†
  • Personal Protective Equipment:¬†I¬†will be using separate pair of gloves for each delivery and disposing of before re-entering delivery vehicle and be wearing a mask during delivery.¬†¬†
How you can support us:

Order GOODIES! Or, you can buy a gift card which will be emailed to your or your GIRL GANG to redeem on a future purchase! 

Times are challenging to everyone and I cannot express how much the support from our community means - every shout-out, check-in, and gift card truly has made a difference. Thank-you for being part of the GIRL GANG GOODIES community and supporting us through this.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected to your GIRL GANG.

Big love,

Morgan - Founder & President of GIRL GANG GOODIES