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Imagine someone would bake you cookies and bring them to your house.

That's us.

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What people are saying

Just tried girl gang for the first time and it could not have been better! To start, the packaging was so well done and what was inside, even better! (I believe the actual words that came out of my mouth where holy f these are f’d) I seriously have never had a better cookie. 10/10, would recommend! 💗

Calida K

Stumbled upon GGG on Instagram and SO happy I did. Have ordered it several times now, and the process is super easy (and friendly). Warning: they are slightly addictive.

Leo M

Incredible customer service and experience! Highly recommend.

Jordy E

GIRL GANG GOODIES wows you from the minute it arrives at your door, to the moment you consume your last bite of their chocolate chip cookies. Now my new go-to gift idea for clients when I’m in a pinch but want to still tell someone “hey thought of you”. 

Vee Ram

OMG! These cookies are what I imagine rainbows to taste like! Tiny chocolately crock rainbows! You're a saint!


Thank you so much for the amazing cookies! We order them at Shopify a lot. Being a male, I truly admire what your company stands for and I ordered them for my best friend’s birthday and as a goodbye present for my team, all of which are female. Not only are the treats delicious, but the message behind them is just as flavourful. 
Thank you for creating a space where any one can celebrate the women in their life with a baked treat and representation that girl gangs are here to empower! 


Reminiscent of childhood, yet distinctly unique. The perfect texture and spice.


I've had my grandfathers baked goods every Christmas and he has never made cookies this good.


Just want to say thank you again for the cookies. They were a HUGE success. We also love being able to support a local female entrepreneur.