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#MeaningOfMom featuring Tanya

She is the first person we meet. From our first steps, through every heartbreak and challenge life throws at us, she lends us her strength, to make us stronger. She is our first example of unconditional love and the ultimate giver. She - is mom.

Behind all of us, is a strong mother. Each selfless, fiercely loving, and unrelenting in their cheerleading of our success. This Mother's Day, we want to know what the #MeaningOfMom is to you. Be it a mom, step-mom, mother-figure or grandma. What does she mean to you? What has she taught you? Show you mom just how much she means this Mother's Day with #MeaningOfMom.

Meet Tanya Cargill, a self-described brazen girl trying to kill it here in Toronto, Canada. We sat down with her to learn more about Winnie, what she taught Tanya about being a woman and the #MeaningOfMom.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you do, what lights you up.

I’m authentically me! Some love it, some can’t handle it (probably why I’m still single). I’m still evolving and have a lot more life to live.  For now, I’m just a brazen girl, trying to kill it in the digital retail world.  What lights me up? Those around me and a glass of prosecco never hurts. 

Tell us about your mom – we need to know about the woman.

My mom is definitely the most resilient woman I know. Her name is Winnifred aka Winnie. I love her. Many love her. She’s hilarious and doesn’t even try.  I don’t know if it’s the old-school Jamaican upbringing but her spin on life makes for continuous laughter. She’d kill me I shared her age but she’s 65+ and still going strong. I don’t know if I’d even do her justice by describing her in a paragraph.

How would you describe your mom in 3 words?

Strong, Insightful and Funny

How has your mom shaped who you are?

In every way.  I didn’t realize the impact she’d have on the decisions I made and will continue to make, how I carry myself, and how I care to be perceived.  She raised me to be a respectable individual with broughtupsy (lol it means manners).  I know how I’m perceived is a reflection of her.  She motivates me to be me and I’m forever grateful to her for allowing me to have a voice. It has empowered me to live life with no regrets.

How does your mom give you strength?

Her existence (period).  She became a single parent when I was a teenager and I definitely tested her authority and patience.  She raised 3 kids on a single income. Witnessing her strength throughout the years is probably what propelled my motivation to get to where I am right now.  Her strength gives me strength and will continue to motivate me to do better.


What has your mom taught you, specifically about being a woman?

As a woman – we have a strike against us.  As a minority woman – you can’t imagine the internal dialogue that takes place before I speak. My mom has taught me to trust my intuition.  Don’t over think it, don’t hesitate.  My mom has taught me to never give up and every “failed attempt” is a lesson. That’s not specific to being a woman but it’s a life lesson that should be taught early.  What she does say in relation to me being a woman is, “no man will want me if I can’t cook” – that’s that old school mentality.  The internal conversation I have is - that’s why we have UberEats and Ritual, but my response is often, “well teach me another recipe.”



How does your mom exemplify a strong woman?

Aside from everything else I’ve shared about my mom, she’s strong because she was never just my mother.  A mother is more so someone who births offspring. A mom is stronger.  She resilient, courageous, loving, forgiving, companionate, the list goes on.  She does what she needs to do without a thank you.  


What, of your mom’s qualities, do you try/hope to embody? 

Persistency – nothing is easy or else it’s not worth it. And it takes time, so be patient.

Wisdom is another.  From my experiences, I try to pass on my learning’s to others. Hopefully my millennial twist on her wisdom encourages others to be more courageous than I was at their age.

I just want to one more quality.  Humility – she put the needs of others before hers – but I guess that’s what a mom does. 

What is the #MeaningOfMom to you?

Put simply - a tribute – a lifetime tribute.  From the day we’re born Moms are our constant. A constant figure who nurtures us.  A constant warm love that encases us and tries their best to protect us from the evil’s in the world. 

Life can be a whirlwind sometimes – one can question, what their purpose is.  For my mom, her kids were her purpose.  One of mine, is to continue to honour the woman who raised me.  So she never doubts whether or not, it was worth it.



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